Drone aerial video and photography service launches in Oxford

Fortitude Communications is taking to skies – after being awarded a drone operator’s license from the Civil Aviation Authority. We have launched aerial videography and aerial photography services to help bring a new perspective to storytelling and marketing for businesses, schools, charities, clubs and events.

It complements Fortitude’s existing video production services and broader range of communications support including strategy, content writing, social media management, reputation and PR

Stand out from the crowd 

The drone video and photography service is designed to help organisations stand out from the digital noise online and engage with their audience. This will be done by creating cinematic quality aerial content that will turbo charge your marketing materials and grab-attention. By creating stunning aerial content your organisation will be able to demonstrate scale, increase sales, showcase your location and stand out from your competitors. 

Captain Thom

Fortitude Communications is now fully certified and insured to operate a drone to film for commercial purposes. The CAA, the UK’s statutory corporation which oversees and regulates all aspects of civil aviation only awards a pilot operators’ licence following a stringent testing process. 

Our CAA licensed drone pilot is our head videographer Thom Airs. Thom underwent stringent training and testing covering planning, communication, high levels of situational awareness, safety and professionalism.

The training was rigorous and rightfully so,” said Thom. 

Being CCA certified means any drone footage we obtain can be used for commercial purposes. We are fully licensed and insured and looking forward to helping clients stand out from the crowd even more via exceptional video content. 

Minimising risk and maximising creativity are key parts of drone videography and what sets us apart. We are licensed to operate both in the daylight and at night-time, which provides additional creative opportunities. 

The options are endless with drone videography and could include anything from large corporate team photos, construction sites, through to an aerial tour of a golf club.”

Logical progression

The launch of our drone video and photography service fits neatly with our video production service and wider communications services.

It means we can create stand-alone aerial footage or combine it with a wider video brief. 

Greig Box Turnbull, founder of Fortitude, said: This is an exciting step forward in our growth and strengthens our core offering. It means we can offer businesses, venues and events the opportunity to create eye-catching marketing material that stands out and have impact. 

There are so many stunning venues, buildings, developments, attractions and events in Oxfordshire and across the UK that would benefit from aerial video or photography. 

Previously it would have required hiring a helicopter, but modern technology now means we can obtain footage safety and efficiently via a specialist drone. 

Drone video dovetails well with our corporate video services and means we can offer more creative impactful options to clients. We appreciate during the pandemic it is a challenging business environment. But this is a long-term investment and as businesses seek to increase marketing this will help many do something a bit different.”

Content is King 

Fortitude Communications prides itself on delivering strategic advice, exceptional client service and results. 

We’re finding our central offering of helping organisations save time and enhance their reputation and bottom line by engaging with their key audiences consistently via quality content is growing in appeal,” said Greig. 

Most of our team are former journalists so we’re experts at creating quality content that not only saves our clients time, but crucially helps increase their brand awareness, engagement and reputation,” said Greig. Content is king and now more than ever before and our new drone video and photography service will enable us help more businesses communicate effectively.”

If you would like to discuss how drone video or photography, or video generally could support your organisation please get in touch here.

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