Outsourcing content creation helped grow my business

Ben Proctor of Oxford Property Consultancy explains how outsourcing PR and content creation to Fortitude Communications has helped grow his business.

Strategically placed content helps businesses to define who they are and engage audiences consistently. 

The issue is, this process takes time, a strategy, expertise and activation of a carefully structured month-by-month content plan to keep on top of news flow. It is why companies like Oxford Property Consulting outsource storytelling by working with Oxford-based PR agency Fortitude Communications. 

In this article Ben Procter, Managing Director of Oxford Property Consulting, explains how professional communications support has helped him grow his business and prioritise workload. 

Hiring a PR agency 

Oxford Property Consulting is an independent property search agency operating across Oxfordshire. 

The business has a team of four full-time members of staff who advise and support clients to source properties which match their requirements. The team assist with the entire property search journey from securing and attending viewings, through to negotiation and purchase.

Ben wanted to ramp up Oxford Property Consulting’s content production on his company website and across social media and maintain consistency of message and engagement. The objective is to develop brand awareness, position the team as friendly property experts who deliver great results and provide a great client service, via storytelling. The solution was outsourcing the requirement to a PR agency and unlocking professional support. 

The main motivation of working with a PR agency was to ensure my own time was being used to greatest effect,” said Ben. We’re a growing business, and consequently our time is under pressure. 

Before working with Fortitude, we would post something we considered to be interesting, or was fresh in our minds, as opposed to having a strategy and a monthly plan to follow. We wanted to cover all aspects of the business – that was important to us.” 

Quality content

Fortitude began by producing a communications strategy which defined how to describe Oxford Property Consulting in all output. Our team research the market and consider what story hooks will engage Oxford Property Consulting’s target audiences before drafting a monthly content and social media plan to execute.

Our knowledge of the media landscape and experience of storytelling ensures the content is informative, insightful, relevant, adds value and drives brand awareness and reputation. 

The content we published before working with Fortitude was unorganised and inconsistent,” said Ben. We struggled to find time to produce good content which would be of value to our clients and those considering using our services.

Having a strategy and a steady flow of quality content on our website and social media channels which clearly defines who we are and what we do is a great asset for us to have.

More people are aware of what we do, and more people are talking about us and getting in touch – that’s how PR helps to improve our reputation and develop stronger brand awareness.” 

Building brand engagement

Businesses owners or senior staff that work with Fortitude can prioritise their workload and simultaneously benefit from professionally written content which develops brand engagement and awareness. 

With 45 million social media users across the UK, having an online presence is crucial to a company’s reputation and success. 

Social media is such a powerful tool,” said Ben. We’d post pretty pictures of Oxfordshire while out on the job, and we’d use scheduling tools. 

When you’re running a business, you’ve got to prioritise bringing revenue in, servicing our clients and finding new people to work with. Our investment into PR has been worth it, and we have received some great in-bound inquiries as a result.”

Delivering value

Based in Oxford, our clients span professional services, transport, sport, sustainability, healthcare, tech, charity, hospitality and events. 

Strategic communications is our speciality – and we are in constant dialogue with our clients via face-to-face and video meetings to ensure they get the most out of their PR support.

We’ve got our own PR department,” said Ben. I know I can pick up the phone and contact Fortitude at any time and they will be there to offer support or advice. 

Working with an agency removes some of the overheads associated with bringing someone in to work on a full or part-time basis. We’ve agreed an affordable monthly fee which gives us everything we require to effectively communicate to our target audiences. It’s an invaluable service for us.” 

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