Drone Aerial Video and Photography Services

Fortitude Communications provides high quality drone aerial video and photography services and is fully licensed by the CAA, the UK’s national aviation authority. We are available to fulfil drone filming assignments nationally. Our drone video and photography services form part of our wider video production services. We specialise in creating stunning aerial videography and images. By using remote controlled drones, we can shoot in ultra-high definition to create captivating digital content to make your business stand out online.

Why drone filming? 

Aerial footage provides a unique perspective on the world around you, like looking out of the window of an aircraft it provides you with a different angle on your environment. 

And on this basis, it is incredibly engaging to audiences. It means aerial footage can provide the attention-grabbing impact required to make your story stand out in a congested digital world. 

Professional filming with a drone provides endless creative opportunities that were previously almost only exclusive to a major film production or global brands when filming a TV commercial. But thanks to advancements in drone technology it is now possible for all organisations to benefit from the opportunity and creativity it provides. Aerial footage can be used to boost all manner of video content and make it stand out from the crowd. 

By commissioning Fortitude, you too can benefit from the opportunity to enhance your video and marketing content and audience engagement. Aerial drone video and photography will help demonstrate your goods or services in a unique way. Or it could showcase your facilities in a way traditional filming cannot capture. 

Why invest in drone video?

Demonstrate scale: capture and broadcast the scale of your business.

Increase sales: maximise attention grabbing video content that attracts leads.

Showcase location: highlight your proximity to landmarks and amenities.

Stand out: take your marketing to the next level, stand out from your competitors, and get noticed.

Key considerations

Aerial videography and photography is a fantastic way to add something unique to your video and marketing content. It is available to all businesses and can help set you apart. 

It can help promote something that naturally lends itself to aerial filming, for example a large venue, a beauty spot, golf course or construction site. It is also highly effective for property surveys and events. But it can also enhance regular corporate videos. 

One key consideration is to make sure you commission a company that is fully qualified, licensed and insured to operate a drone. Our pilot is experienced at managing a wide variety of filming briefs, including filming in complex conditions. 

Our current operating conditions are as standard, 400ft/120m above the ground. However, as a licensed operator we can apply for special permission for one-off projects to exceed that height and fly in normally restricted airspace, like London, for example. Location, time of year, weather conditions, pre-site visits and local authority or airspace approval are all factors to consider during the planning process. We can guide you through the whole process. If you would like to discuss how aerial footage could benefit you our team are on hand to discuss ideas with you. 

Why Fortitude?

Fortitude is a unique video production agency. This is because our team consists of more than traditional camera-crew and editors. We are creative and strategic and help you make sure your video has the desired impact. 

We also have experienced journalists in our team. This is crucial if you are combining aerial footage with members of your company, or customers talking to camera. In this situation our experienced interviewers will put them at ease and ask the right questions to ensure your story is communicated effectively. We are fully qualified and licensed by the CAA and insured to operate a drone. Our in-house drone pilot Thom Airs has undertaken stringent formal drone operator training and is licensed to produce aerial footage obtained via a drone for commercial purposes. Thom is highly trained in both GPS and manual modes of drone flight. The CAA have granted us permission to fly during the day and night.

This provides our clients with peace of mind that we always operate to exceptional health, safety and security standards. We always pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service for our clients. Video content is a high effectively method to communicate your business, school, college, university, club, or charity. Video content has emerged as a necessity in marketing your organisation online, due to the high engagement results they tend to yield.

We can produce video and still photography for pure aerial content or incorporate it into a wider video brief. Drone video combined with traditional filming and photography can help create fantastic digital content that will help you engage with your audience online. Fortitude’s creative video production agency team have an eagle-eye for detail and a journalistic ability to interview, film and produce video to help communicate your story effectively.

Legal compliance

All our drone operations are fully insured in compliance with EU law, including £1m in public liability and damage cover.

In a shifting legal landscape, our drone pilots’ qualifications are fully up to date with current and post-2021 UK and EU regulations.

Like pilots of any aircraft – including full-size planes and helicopters – Fortitude has a complete operations manual approved by the CAA and available for clients to read on request.

Aerial footage costs

We offer aerial filming via a variety of packages, or we can create a bespoke plan to suit your needs.

Costs for aerial filming with a single operator starts from £595 plus VAT per day. 

If you would like to discuss a drone project please contact us here.

What our clients have to say

We asked Fortitude to mark the retirement of our business founder by capturing all of our cars and staff from above.

We had a very limited time window between taking clients out on track and Thom marshalled the cars and people quickly and creatively without fuss. The results were superb, bringing our wonderful team together as one for the first time and marking the end of an era with images we will cherish.

Craig Davis UDriveCars

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