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Fortitude provides corporate video production services, specialising in high quality yet affordable video production for businesses and charities. Our video production team in Oxford is structured to provide a value for money package incorporating planning, filming and editing. We help organisations tell their stories via engaging digital content and create videos that help you connect with your audience.

How can video help my business?

Video has boomed online and has created a golden opportunity for companies and charities to communicate their brand stories directly to their audiences via multiple online channels. It can empower businesses to inspire audiences in an authentic way and connect with them directly and quickly.

Video is an excellent medium to tell your story and bring your company to life and should form part of your wider Communications Strategy. It helps engage with customers and potential customers, fosters brand loyalty and engenders trust. Video is also accessible to watch for anyone with internet access. 

Research has found video tends to keep people on your website for longer, this builds trust and informs Google your site has quality content. Having video content on your website and YouTube (owned by Google) increases your Google ranking. Video can capture a wide audience, including people who may not have the time or inclination to read long form articles and engage with other marketing outreach. It is also a major trigger for people to engage with a service or product and make a purchase.

Things to consider when planning a corporate video 

Communication and planning are key in the early stages to ensure a successful outcome from your video project. Setting clear objectives and then establishing a plan will ensure a successful video shoot and final product. 

Once the objective has been set, defining your story is a key task prior to developing a script and story board. A skilled video production team will help you define your story and establish what you want to communicate to your viewers. This can vary hugely, depending on the type of organisation and the audience they wish to reach. Identifying who you wish to communicate to is critical, a common pitfall in video is neglecting to focus on who you are talking to. This results in a lot of videos communicating a company’s view, rather than addressing what a customer wants and needs. This is where a good video production team can help you shape your story. 

At fortitude we complete various steps before filming and multiple techniques are considered. Whether to use a presenter, a voice-over, or interviews; or a combination to communicate your messages in a clear and engaging way. 

Many businesses are about the people that make it tick and the expertise within it. A key consideration of a video for your business is who should be in the video. Showcasing key people is a powerful and highly engaging tactic. 

Producing a story board will help establish the running order of your video. In the main most traditional’ overview videos for business should include an introduction and overview, covering who you are and what you do for people, before leading into more detail. Most end with a Call To Action’ which encourages the viewer to contact your business, or make a purchase. 

A hero’ corporate video, which is predominately broadcast on the home page of a company website is usually designed to provide a headline introduction and overview of a business, grab the viewers’ attention and inspire them to meet a Call to Action. 

At Fortitude we approach each brief with an open mind and create a plan that is suited to your objectives and best reflects your organisation and culture. Our skilled video production team will help take a lot of company information and key messages and create a seamless script. Equally we can produce video for a specific campaign.

Adding subtitles to your video is recommended, firstly because a lot of people now watch video with the sound off. Secondly, if you broadcast a video with sub-titles on YouTube the sub-titles will be indexed and help your Google ranking. 

In addition to people and what they will say, location is another factor to consider. At Fortitude our team would assess your premises and establish the best locations to shoot. Factors will include background visuals, acoustics and light. Drone videography is another method that can help make your video stand out. Fortitude is a CAA approved drone operator and can fulfil any aerial videography and photography assignments. Aerial footage can be used as an exclusive piece of content, or it can be used within a broader film. 

Additionally, we would advise on appropriate off-site locations and manage securing any filming permissions if required. If interviews will form part of your video, we would work with you to define a list of themes, structure and questions. 

The length of your video is also another important consideration. Key to ensuring people watch your whole video is producing quality content and being succinct. The length of your video should be adapted to suit each channel it is broadcast on. A hero’ corporate video should be between one and two minutes long, on average. Shorter versions should be adapted for social media. As a guide Hubspot recommends 30 seconds for Instagram, 45 seconds for Twitter, one minute for Facebook and two minutes for YouTube. 

On the day of the shoot the video production team will guide you through the filming process and put you at ease. Multiple takes will be filmed of each scene, to ensure the best possible footage is obtained from the shoot and to provide a back-up in case we notice something is wrong with one of the takes during the editing process. Even if the first take is perfect, we like to shoot another one, just in case. 

For examples of our video production work please visit here.

Why post-production editing is important to a successful corporate video

Effective post-production work forms an important part of the process to creating a razor-sharp corporate video. Our video editing team use the latest software and techniques to edit raw footage. The first stage of editing a corporate video involves tidying up clips before compiling a rough cut. This process is used to remove unwanted noises or moments, for example coughing or background noises. The rough cut gets all the frames into a running order ahead of fine tuning the content and cutaways.

It is advisable for a short corporate video to make the content the star of the film and not overdo special effects if they are not relevant to the topic. Background music is added, if appropriate, during the editing stage. It is important to make sure music is only used if it is suitable and that any licencing requirements are met. Sub-titles and logos are also added during the post-production stage. 

Corporate Video Production Agency Oxford 

At Fortitude we have created a bespoke video production starter package for businesses and charities to provide organisations with the digital content required to make a great impact online. This is offered on a project basis and will provide a hero’ overview video and accompanying push’ digital content for use on social media. We also offer eye-catching aerial drone video and photography to help your digital marketing content ping. 

Our team will meet you and guide you through the process of planning your corporate video and then create the relevant planning materials to follow during the filming phase. We will manage all aspects of the project and create great video content for use on your website and social media channels. 

With video becoming an increasingly powerful way to engage with customers and potential customers this special package is designed to help businesses of all sizes improve their communications and marketing output. 

To see examples of video content we have produced for clients please visit here.

Contact us to discuss producing our video starter package for your business, or a bespoke project via 03301 331 074

What our clients have to say

We were really pleased with the video Fortitude Communications created for us. They proposed the video as part of a PR campaign to highlight the burden of hospital-acquired sepsis. Fortitude were able to put together a proposal and organise a venue, date and script for the filming at very short notice. On the day they were very professional, putting our interviewee at ease and asking the right questions. We were pleased with final edits of the interview, a longer video for our website and a shorter version for social media. Fortitude were able to suggest ideas to make the video more engaging and linked with our cause. I would not hesitate to recommend Fortitude for video projects.

Faye Griffin, Product Manager Sensium Healthcare

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